Summary for English


This year was busy, all 9th ​​graders were going to classes, learning more, and repeating what they had taught, because at the end of the year, the exams were waiting for us. I can’t help me to thank our teachers because they have helped and supported us in everything. The projects they offered helped us a lot, thanks to them we learnt new things and developed our knowledge. There is not even a word about translational projects, because they developed our foreign language skills, vocabulary, and we learnt the information we translated.

The subject of English as a foreign language was a bit mixed this year. We had two new teachers who were very good, both in terms of character and knowledge. We have done a lot of projects in English this year, such as translation, reading, and studying of our homeland. All the projects were very interesting and instructive. Thank you to both teachers for trying to teach us something this year, and thank you for being kind and friendly to me, and I appreciate that most of all the teachers.

I can’t help me to talk about online learning, which I think should have been unsuccessful and ineffective, but it comes, and we can see that everything went very well, everything was very effective. In my opinion, it also depends on the teachers, and our teachers are very professional, that’s why we had a very good and instructive online study.

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