Human and nature

Man cannot exist separately without nature. The globe is a home for man. Here he has everything necessary for life; air, water, food. But unfortunately, a person often forgets about it, and treats his planet as if it would amaze him; he destroys the surrounding nature, forgetting that it is he who gives him life. Why cut the branch on which you sit? Previously, people thought that natural resources are inexhaustible, and you can take everything from nature, and in large quantities. But everything turned out to be wrong. No one thought how much can be taken and at the same time not to give anything in return. Of course, in return we gave away only mountains of garbage, toxic emissions into the atmosphere, soil, water.

The most important task of humanity is to care for the world around us. Our globe should still remain blue, it should not be gray. Preserving nature is a rather difficult task in our time, since people behave frivolously towards it, but I want to believe that everything will change for the better.

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